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Retail & Ecommerce

Transform your Retail business by utilizing evolving technologies to develop multi-feature and high-performing apps


Modernizing your Brick and Mortar store to Electronic Commerce (ecommerce) for rapid results and accelerated distribution process in Retail Operations. During this transformation journey, the key challenges faced by the ecommerce Industry are the shortage of integrated systems and trained personnel, Technology upgradation cost, internet access across all devices and lack of subject knowledge expertise. Aaruran cs offers impeccably, Secure and rich e-commerce software solutions that give insights on customer buying patterns right from the discovery of products to what drives them to buy products.

Our Expertise

Our diverse expertise in app development has delivered many cutting-edge applications to businesses of all industries and geographies.

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POS for Retails

Developed a customized POS system for a leading Retail business to manage single and multi-store operations such as Cash Collection, inventory management, sales tracking, reporting, branch transfer, loyalty management and many similar tasks with increased efficiency and cost benefits.

System Integration

Essential coordination between connected devices such as Aaruran cs for businesses to integrate seamlessly between PSP call centers and inventory management processes.

CPQ Solution

Manual and conventional quoting and ordering process is modernized when transformed to CPQ solutions. A stronger integration of multiple database systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other CRMs, to automate the quoting process from hours to minutes. This solution enhances productivity, tracks order status and provides granular details on necessary information.

Ecommerce Web Application

Develop cutting-edge ecommerce application with integrated and functional-rich app features, robust product management system, secure payment management model, hassle-free inventory system, centralized inventory management, enhanced customer management and solution with streamlined omnichannel management.

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Ecommerce Mobile Apps

Growth of emerging technologies has made app development the need of an hour. We developed an ecommerce app that manages all the operations and streamlines processes. We enabled it with all impeccable features such as incredible user experience, stable and secure payments and higher conversion rates.

Retail & Ecommerce Case Studies

Our expertise in ecommerce app development has benefitted clients to a large extent in optimizing their business performances. Take a look at our Case Studies to understand our service offerings.


Configure Price Quote Solution

ERP, SAP, and other e-commerce programs. Our developed innovative CPQ-Configure, Pricing Agreement, Price Quote Solution automates the process of quoting and is backed up by smart search and tag solutions that allow the customer to have less quoting errors and full profitability.

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