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Software Development Service

Unleash the power of technology by building transformative apps that drive sustainable growth and high performance. Capitalize on our technical expertise to enable full-cycle app development for all customized business needs of clients varying in domains, size and scale.

At  Aaruran, we help you maximize your potential in app development services by infusing the operational excellence of our experts. Our service excellence caters tangible business solutions to meet the needs of diversified businesses from startups, enterprises or mid-level companies. With over two decades in the software development industry, we know every nook of Technology space that would streamline business operations. Our strategic and low-risk approach offers businesses an optimized performance, stability and stronger business ecosystem.


Custom Software Development Service Provider

Shape up your business growth by utilizing our technical expertise and deep-domain knowledge in offering Custom Software development services

Software Development Case Study

Our industry-driven experience and proficiency in custom software development services has given a boost to businesses of all grades. Take a closer look at some of our portfolios.

Smart City

Smart City application was developed for a UK based publicly traded energy company serving multiple cities and counties. This platform manages and monitors thousands of sensors across the city and gathers live data to convert them into meaningful insight. To better serve the community, city officers utilize this insight to take appropriate infrastructural decisions and save energy.


Software Development Experience

Our diversified experience has offered larger benefits to a variety of clients from different geographies and business verticals.

Industries We Serve

Aaruran cs has a proven track of offering robust technology solutions to a broad range of industries such as

  • Education

  • Retail & eCommerce

  • Energy and Utilities

  • Healthcare

  • Travel & Hospitality

  • Media

  • Public Sector

Have a Software Development Challenge to address?

Technology Stack

Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 17-55-51 TatvaSoft UK.png


  • NET

  • Node

  • Java

  • PHP

  • Spring boot

Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 17-56-21 TatvaSoft UK.png

Cloud & DevOps

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Jenkins

  • Kubernetes

  • Google Cloud

  • Docker

  • Azure

Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 17-56-02 TatvaSoft UK.png

Front End

  • Angular

  • React

Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 17-56-11 TatvaSoft UK.png


  • SQL Server

  • Elasticsearch

  • MongoDB

  • Oracle

  • PosgreSQL

  • MySQL

  • Cassandra

  • Dynamo

Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 17-56-35 TatvaSoft UK.png


  • iOS

  • React Native

  • Android

  • Flutter

Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 17-56-45 TatvaSoft UK.png


  • Katalon Studio

  • Apache JMeter

  • Postman


  • Selenium

  • TestRail

  • BrowserStack

  • JIRA

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