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Travel and Hospitality

Explore extended opportunities for your business using Travel and Hospitality software development services for an unparalleled customer experience.


For improved and top-notch business results, Aaruran cs offers pioneering Information Technology (IT) solutions in the Travel and Hospitality industry. Our developed solutions have revolutionized the business plans and strategies for our global customers. It has provided customer-focused solutions for all travel-related services and thus serves consumers with best-in-class solutions.

While competing with a traditional competitor or with new entrants, some of the key challenges faced by the travel and hospitality industry are:

Increased tax rate and its strong impact on global travel

Developing strategies to encourage and retain employees

Understanding ever-increasing demands and expectation of travelers

Evaluating risks in investments to travel and hospitality infrastructure

Aaruran cs with its domain expertise has developed and delivered Travel & Hospitality Software Development solutions that help our customer's leverage technology to overcome specific business challenges.

Our Expertise

We offer a broad range of software development services for the travel and Hospitality industry to boost its business reach and sales.

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Travel Portal

We developed compatible and accessible B2B and B2C travel portals that serve as a viable option for hotels, agencies and customers. This app enables synchronization of information, real-time hotel booking, payment gateways, price comparison and other essential handlings for, sales, access and chart travel content.

Restaurant Management

With the advent of digitization, sophisticated restaurant Aaruran cs have just turned restaurants smarter. We developed an automated and streamlined application that shows the view of the kitchen, bar, shop and other areas on a single platform for simplified store operations, accounting features, and other benefits.

Hotel Sales and Intelligence Reader

Our developed technology Solutions have cutting-edge features such as superior analytics, data mining and insights generating and several other benefits to staying ahead of the competition. Through this clients can easily analyze buying patterns, market strategy and revenue making tactics to expand business successfully.

Mobile App Development for Hospitality

Our high-skilled pool of resources has vast experience in emerging mobile technologies that allow businesses to perform multi-tasks using software but compatible on multiple devices from desktop, smartphone, tablet and other wearable devices for all types of solutions such as airlines, agencies, travelers.

Hotel Property Management Software

Proficient and high-skilled developers at Aaruran cs created a Hotel Management system to streamline daily operations for single or multiple properties. Our developed application focuses on managing customer lifecycle, smooth management of campaigns, events, loyalty programs, feedback and implementations.

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Travel Agent software

Our wide-ranging experience in developing innovative   has developed an integrated application to manage the daily operations of independent travel agents or small, medium or large side businesses for managing records, accounts, rescheduling and follow-ups.

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Booking Engine

We created an online booking platform that allows travelers to have a variety of options, encourages quick bookings for travel and seamlessly connects worldwide tour operators and travel agencies. It also gives consumers the option to book tickets, hotels, car rentals and much more as per their need.

Travel & Hospitality Case Studies

Explore our capability in software development specifically in the Travel industry to enhance business with accessibility and convenience through our developed solutions.

Airway Intranet

Maximized Profitability for our client who is a leading provider of airway services by developing an app using SharePoint app development facility that would manage multiple business units with services such as workflow approval, knowledge hub, power BI reporting, Social media integration and other facilities on this integrated intranet platform.

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