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Education and Healthcare

Become global shapers in the education industry by adapting digitization to reach and educate more students.


Education Industry is marching towards cutting-edge digital platforms and technologies for continuous innovation and creative opportunities, thus forging a consistent cycle of learning and development. The aim of developing an education software is to provide better facilities, convenience, flexibility and access to global experts for learners, educators, and management. From schools, colleges, universities to the corporate world, education and learning management software has played a major role in addressing various issues being faced daily The education software applications developed by Aaruran cs are committed to helping businesses manage and improve the education system, comply with changing educational norms and age-groups. Various e-learning solutions and educational software solutions developed by Aaruran cs are highly scalable, reliable and sustainable.

Healthcare industry is one of the critical business industries grappled with human lives and emergency situations. Healthcare has grown exponentially in the last few decades leading to the implementation of cutting-edge medical software. All the healthcare service providers aim to offer the best possible support for patient care and provide optimal medical care. This change has catalyzed the healthcare industry and has taken it to a new horizon. From clinics to hospitals, the right utilization of software has played a critical role in addressing various issues faced by healthcare professionals such developed by Aaruran cs are committed to help in managing and improving medical care, operational risks in the organizations and compliance with the changing regulatory norms. Aaruran cs solutions are highly reliable, sustainable and reassure safety and security.

Our Expertise

We have a knack for how to seamlessly integrate technology in the education sector and so we build apps that makes education simpler...

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Learning Management System

Our strategic app development in the educational sector has offered a feature-rich and interactive custom platform that manages the planning, creation, training modules, conducting online classes and making all efforts for all teachers and students for participation in online seminars and webinars.

Mobile Learning

Corporate Learning and Knowledge Management

Online education platform developed to reduce manual load, make learning enjoyable and immersive for students and teachers. Custom eLearning apps minimize the distance in contact between institutions and students, as well as promote parental engagement. Enabling push alerts keeps users alert and increases their progress and learning.

Build a one-stop solution to meet the needs of organizational learning and support through a SharePoint solution to streamline the training and onboarding process. Aaruran cs developed on-premise and cloud-based SharePoint systems to improve organizational recruiting, preparation, qualification, and knowledge management.

School Management Software

Aaruran cs skilled team created a web-based School Management system for educational providers to manage and grow their business for all types of users and sponsors. Our developed centralized platform offers a high-functional user interface that manages tasks that make daily operations hassle-free efficient and real-time.

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Our technical proficiency and domain expertise in developing Healthcare solutions has offered process optimization and business profitability..

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Patient Portal

Our healthcare software developers build web-based patient portals for both patients and healthcare providers to make the process simpler. Patients get simple and safe access to their health-related data, and appointment scheduling, patient history, and customised treatment can be catered by physicians.

EHR/EMR System

Our healthcare development services offer advanced regulatory compliance, EHR / EMR services and other patient-related features and services. Our developed EHR / EMR systems exchange, track the health of patients, access current patient reports for professionals to offer accurate patient treatment.

Mobile Apps in Healthcare

Our healthcare-focused mobile apps offer cutting-edge features such as laboratory reports, online appointment scheduling and management, manage prescriptions, video calls for both patients and doctors with specific user-rights to avoid critical situations with the help of consultation and accurate implementation.

Hospital Management System

The application meets the needs of all Healthcare professionals to improve lives by developing AI-enabled, compliance-friendly apps that offer self-analysis and predictive diagnostics.

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Healthcare Software Case Studies

We are focused to offer best-in-class Healthcare services to a variety of clients located across the globe from different industries. Take a look at our Portfolio.

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